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Final Thoughts for 2019 lax season..


Hello Friends and Families of the LYL Rebels, 

Good morning, 

We have reached the end of the season for our program.  Every year seems to go by so quickly, and then it abruptly ends with the Jamboree. It is too short of a season in my opinion.  Naturally just because our playing season has ended does not mean the kids should put their sticks away and call it a day.  Always keep practicing and attending the many clinics run by different organizations or individuals around the state.  I try to put local clinics that are emailed to me on our home page on the horizontal tab.  There are many around if you are willing to travel.  Also, there are many "club" teams looking for players.  Always check them out before you go into the abyss of travel lacrosse, lol. It can be quite challenging to choose the right team.  If you have any questions please reach out to me and I will try to help you navigate that aspect of lacrosse.  

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the season as much as I did.  I can honestly say we had a very successful season throughout the entire program.  Boys and Girls thrived at every level.  

I will be mailing out checks to our winners from our calendar fundraiser.  I want to thank everyone for helping keep our registration affordable. This league, just like any, has costs ranging from lax balls to field rental, practice facility rental to Jamboree costs. We could not operate at such a high level with such a huge program if not for these added funds.  Lacrosse is an extremely expensive sport, so thank you very much for taking the time to sell or buy these. 

Pictures? Both girls and boys pictures are in. Some coaches have the teams photos, others don't.  For those teams (Boys) that the coaches do not have them,  I have them and will try to set up a date soon to meet at Camp Lowe to distribute them. You can always call/text me (978)870-8879 or email (dochazi@verizon.net) me that you would like to pick up the pictures at my house if you cannot wait.  Check with your coach first to see who has them.  

Lastly, we will be scheduling our end of the year wrap-up meeting in the coming months. This will be a meeting to discuss what went well, what maybe didn't go so well and ends with elections to our Board of Directors. We have reached the end of many 2-year term positions.  Almost every single Board position is up for grabs, so please think it over and consider helping out. Seriously, it only benefits the kids. It literally takes a village to run a program of this size.  Many of us will be returning, but we still need your help. Others members have their children/player moving on to the High School level, so those positions are open.  This is the perfect opportunity to become involved and help continue this organizations future successful lacrosse seasons. 


Any questions please email me at leominsteryouthlacrosse@gmail.com


Thank you.  As always, Continue to Play On!!!!!

Larry Beaulac

President, LYL Rebels


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