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Hello everyone,


As we stated earlier in the week this is the first of three emails being sent out to our program to provide you updates.


Our Classic and Select season is well underway, we have had our share of challenges with the field conditions of our host teams, our own practice fields and securing gym time when needed.

The good news is that a lot of that is behind us and we should be able to move forward, keeping the schedule as posted on the website.

We will need to make some game day and game time changes every now and then, but we will do our best to limit them.

As a program I would say we are winning 50% or better of our games this season, our kids are understanding the game, working hard on their fundamentals and the results are starting to show.


If you could still consider sending out our Sponsor Letters that would be great, remember all you need to do is find a potential sponsor and provide me their information.

I will work with them directly in regards to the details.   


We have 8 classic games at Doyle Field this coming Sunday, that is a very full day, but should be a lot of fun.

We have 2 select games at Doyle Field this coming Friday night, and currently in the process of trying to add a U9 game also.


The weather looks good this week so keep in mind that there is a MBYLL / Trilogy Clinic taking place at Gillette Stadium. 

Details are on the front page of our website, and I do believe walk-in’s are welcome.


Lunenburg High is currently playing Fitchburg High in Boys Lacrosse, it is great to see 2 new varsity programs local to us.

Last I knew it was 8 to 8 in the 3rd.

Leominster High plays ST. Johns tonight at 7pm at Doyle Field, admission is free, not a bad way to keep the kids busy.


“Play On”

Your Board of Directors


Welcome to Leominster Youth Lacrosse
by posted 09/04/2010



Hello everyone, as promised here is email number 2.


This email only pertains to our U13 and U15 boys in the 5th & 6th or 7th & 8th grades. 

But it is very interesting and something to follow.


MBYLL has decided to send 2 teams to the World Games in Denver Colorado in late July.  

The world games have not been hosted in the United States for over 16 years.

They are played every 4 years and this year Denver was awarded the event.  


MBYLL will be hosting tryouts and team selection to create a team called the Mass Bay Colonials, this group of lacrosse players will have the chance to participate in the Festival Event at the World Games.

MBYLL will help with the cost but each player selected would be responsible for a portion of the expenses and the parents or guardian would also be responsible for their full expenses.

The Teams will be selected by trilogy Lacrosse, the training partner to MBYLL, they will conduct tryouts and ultimately select the roster.


Getting Interested?  I hope so.


We need to keep in mind that there are about 5000 kids at each age group with in MBYLL, 125 town programs.   Each town program will be able to send one player at each age group to a tryout for this team.

So we start the process with 5000 kids, the programs will filter it down to 125 kids and then 20 kids will be selected to participate.


Still Interested? I hope so.


Each interested player will need to go to and register as a candidate, that list of registered players would then be sent to our program.

Then our board of directors with possible input for our coaching staffs would select the one player at each age group to attend the tryouts.

I am sure the team will be made up of athletes that can play multiple positions, shot both strong and weak side, run like the wind, and when needed be tough as nails. 

I would expect there to be a pretty good commitment level for practices thru out June and July most likely in the eastern part of the state.


Being 100% honest with you, it will be a long shot to have a Leominster player be part of this team, but it is also going to be a great experience for two of our players to participate with the chance of securing a roster spot.


Let’s go for it!


If you are interested, review the attached documents, they provide a lot of the details, you will need to register with before April 30th to get the process started. 


Good luck and bring us back a World Games Tee Shirt !!!!!  


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