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Hello everyone,   we wanted to pass along a few updates, we have lots going on in the next week or so.

First of all, tonight’s CLINIC is canceled due to the weather, we might try and get another one in next Wednesday but we have to watch the weather and daylight situation.

If anyone is interested in coaching the winter program teams out of Fore Kicks in Marlboro please reach out to us, without confirmed coaches we will not be setting up any winter teams.  Coaching in the winter program consists of securing players, collecting the fees, and coaching the game. There are no practices for this program just games. Of course you could split duties with another adult, one to handle the coaching one to handle the rosters, fees and uniforms.

Now for the most important information:    

REGISTRATION for our Spring Classic program will open this Saturday October 25th.    

We will have a few changes this year with regards to fees.

During the 2014 season the girls rates were lower than the boy’s rates as their program was just getting off the ground. 

This year the boys and girls rates will be equal. 

Each group has the same amount of Games, Practices, Coaching Certifications, Insurance and such.  It is only fair that the rates are equal.  

The Rates for the U11 / U13 / U15 teams will be $190.00 not including uniforms. 

This League fee will cover all the League expenses without any commitment to fundraising.

The U9 Boys and Girls rates are set at $100.00 this season, we have adjusted that rate to help encourage new kids to try lacrosse.

The U9 Girl’s uniforms will be separate as they were in 2014

The U9 Boys uniforms will be included in 2015. 

Leominster Youth Lacrosse and McCarthy Companies have joined forces to purchase new U9 boys uniforms, these uniforms will be issued and collected at the end of the year to be used again year after year.

All players at all levels will be responsible for their own equipment as in years past.

Please register early, once the teams are full we will not guarantee placement, the best way to guarantee a spot is to register early.

Any questions can be directed to

Thank You

Your 2015 Board of Directors   



Welcome to Leominster Youth Lacrosse

Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League & Social Media

Families of MBYLL, your lacrosse league is now on Facebook and Twitter and will be using these tools to promote some of our on-going projects and to share news, information, photos, and stories with you before, during, and after our spring lacrosse season.

Please "Like" us on Facebook and follow us @MBYLL to get the most up-to-date information on your league.  We'd love to have 1,000 "Likes" by opening face-off on April 12th.

MBYLL's New Magazine: "The Scoop"

Starting in January, MBYLL will begin to publish a quarterly electronic magazine. The magazine is geared towards promoting the growth of the sport in our league and region and will be our way of communicating directly with the families of Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse as well as with the countless coaches and volunteers who make up your league. 

We will constantly be seeking your ideas and insight. In each issue, we'd like to feature a nominated coach, an exciting drill, and a number of important lacrosse stories that affect our collective experience.

If you would like to nominate an individual who has helped to teach, grow, and honor the game of lacrosse in your community or have an exciting drill you'd like to share or an idea for a story or article, please send these nominations to:

You can expect the first issue of "The Scoop" in your email shortly after the New Years.

Thank you for your time, attention, and support of our league.

Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League


by posted 09/04/2010
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